Sunday, November 20, 2011

Huh, has it really been almost a year?

Ahem. I suppose I really ought to add some of the things I've been working on (and a proper gallery). In the meantime, I think I'll just share what's on the drawing board.

Dear Arachne has been talking about recreating Elizabeth I's coronation gown for at least five years. As her costuming partner in crime, I feel it's up to me to apply some peer pressure. I guess I need a portrait of my own to recreate. Since I absolutely love mid 16th century Florentine styles (partly because I have very little interest in making either a ruff or a farthingale and possess insufficient funds to purchase both), I was originally thinking of going the Eleanora di Toledo route.

Simple, elegant lines. Lovely gold net partlet-thing. Killer (if highly specific) fabric. An excuse to buy many, many glass pearls. What's not to love?

But then I rediscovered this portrait of an unknown woman. I love this dress. I have for about a decade. It's, well, quirky. It has so many unusual details (I swear that's a pocket watch hanging from her girdle). And I don't think I've ever seen anyone else recreate it. Also, I think I can much more easily afford the materials for this one than anything that would do Eleanora justice.

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